Conclusion of the Russian expertise on the draft Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Biometric Registration of Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic”


on the draft law of the Kyrgyz Republic
“On biometric registration of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic”
The draft Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Biometric Registration of Citizens of the

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Review of state bodies’ websites of Kyrgyzstan


In 2011, the Public Foundation Civic Initiative of Internet Policies published a study, Evaluation of State Sites of the Kyrgyz Republic, which reviewed government websites and assessed the

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Kyrgyzstan’s readiness to implement e-government services – UNDP report


This report, “E-Readiness Assessment, Kyrgyz Republic - December 2012”, is an assessment of the situation of the readiness of the Kyrgyz Republic to implement e-government services (ES). The report

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Only 4 out of 12 companies confirmed that they are deploying WiMax and LTE networks in Kyrgyzstan


Of the 12 companies that received the frequency band for deploying networks using WiMax and LTE wireless access technologies (standard from the 4G family), only 4 confirmed that they are currently

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In Kyrgyzstan, there are 767,000 users of social networks (Infographics)


According to data obtained from calculators targeting 4 most popular social networks (a tool for planning the marketing campaign) by the number of users in Kyrgyzstan, we obtained the following

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Preliminary results of the “values of the Kyrgyz people” study were presented


Today, on March 26, PF CIIP together with the Ukrainian expert company Pro.mova presented the preliminary results of a national study on the values ​​of Kyrgyz people.

In March 2012, the first

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Analytical report “Assessment of the state websites of the Kyrgyz Republic


Promotank, by order of the Public Foundation Civic Initiative Internet Policy Initiatives, conducted “Evaluation of state websites of the Kyrgyz Republic” study , which includes a review of 80 state

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Rating of the largest telecom operators in Central Asia according to “”


According to the Russian agency, the largest operators in the cellular and fixed-line communications market in Central Asia are Kazakh companies. In the ranking, where the assessment is

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Kyrgyzstan has one of the lowest levels of ARPU and cellular revenues among the CIS countries


The Russian research company ComNews Research conducted a study of the cellular communications market in the CIS countries. According to the study, in Kyrgyzstan, the ARPU level (average revenue per

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Analysis of legislation on the legal regulation of the Internet in the CIS countries


The report on the study of Internet regulation in post-Soviet countries dates back to 2007. The document presents the results of the study of laws and the prospects for their influence on the further

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CIIP Report – 2009: Situation in the Kyrgyz Telecommunication Market


In 2009, 211 licenses were issued by 145 operators. However, the increase in the number of operators did not lead to the expansion of the telecommunication network. “Monopolization of the services

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Analysis of the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic on compliance with the application of LESS, – preliminary conclusion (modified)


Experts of the Public Foundation Civil Initiative of Internet Policy and Legal Clinic Adilet analyzed the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic for compliance with the use of the hardware-software

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