National Spatial Data Infrastructure


The main purpose for the creation and development of national spatial data infrastructure (NSDI) of the Kyrgyz Republic within the framework of e-Governance and digital transformation is to create conditions for free access and effective use for public entities, local authorities and the private sector to spatial data.

As a base for the national spatial data infrastructure Geoportal will be created, which will enable private sector and state agency to develop and provide new services to population fully using available spatial data and produce new one. Entrepreneurs in the private sector will be able to develop software applications, products and services based on the new possibilities offered by NSDI. Private companies can benefit from the availability of spatial data to make their own business decisions (e.g. traffic management, optimization of logistics vehicles, spatial analysis of land plots for construction).

In many countries geospatial data are used for optimization of emergency services, since they rely on modern data and accurate representation of the location. The academic sector can also play a role in educating people who will need to promote NSDI and learn new methods, processes, policies, and application with aim of developing the necessary skills of using data. The NSDI will lead to the creation of conditions ensuring free access of citizens, businesses, state bodies and local governments to state and regional spatial data resources and their effective use.

As a result:

a) will improved administration of taxes on municipal property, also will be improved management of local services, which will have an effect for vulnerable groups of the population;

b) it will be the first step in the development of the tax system, based on market property valuation;

c) land cadaster and registration system of real estate (Gosregistr) will become the owner of modern system of natural assessment and condition of real estate based on digital geospatial data will be updated records of ownership of land and other real estate in the whole country;

g) the mass assessment system also increases market activity, providing the necessary information to the market in digital form and broad access for citizens and potential investors to geospatial data;

d) will improve the effectiveness of management decisions aimed at ensuring sustainable social and economic development, through the speed, completeness and quality of information support for public tasks using spatial data including public land management (leasing and disposal), as well as state asset management and audit;

e) The NSDI will directly improve the prospects for the development of small and medium-sized businesses;

f) creation of a NIP can directly lead to the creation of new jobs;

h) will allow the creation of an open digital cartographic basis for open use in the form of digital topographic maps and plans for resolving economic issues;

i) increase the investment attractiveness of the Kyrgyz Republic through the availability of integrated management tools for the territories at the basis of spatial data, the availability of relevant information for spatial planning.