Trainings on Information Security


Since 2006, CIIP has conducted more than 50 information security trainings for representatives of NGOs, journalists and human rights defenders from all the countries of Central Asia.

In Kyrgyzstan, the trainings are conducted in the cities of Bishkek, Osh, Naryn, Balykchy.

The three-day training on information security consists of two sessions: the application of technology and information policy. In the session on the application of technology, training participants will learn the following skills:

  • backup information (full or partial);
  • anti-virus technology;
  • personal firewall systems;
  • software update;
  • fight against spam;
  • information recovery (software indexing);
  • placement of web resources (hosting);
  • “Home” server;
  • basic understanding of database management principles
  • accelerated Internet search
  • organizational policy regarding technology use and problem solving
  • identification of responsible persons in the organization for the implementation of information security policies;

Examples of topics covered in the section on information policy:

  • protection of personal information
  • restrictions on online access to information
  • determining the confidentiality and secrecy of information (their compliance with international standards)
  • cybercrime
  • intellectual property rights (in the online context)

Trainings combine theory lectures with practical exercises on computers.

Developed and prepared brief “technical tips” from the curriculum are archived and posted at http: // as a guide on the use of information technologies and the development of information policy for non-governmental organizations involved in the protection of human rights.