Protection of Personal Data


Protection of personal data

One of the activities of the Public Foundation Civic Initiative Internet Policy (GIIP) is to create conditions for the implementation and application of the Law on the protection of personal data, its improvement taking into account the best international practices, the institutionalization of an authorized body for the protection of personal data and the establishment of a mechanism to oversee the collection, processing, storage and protection of personal data.

The following activities are carried out in this direction by the office of CIIP:

— Legislative consolidation of the government’s power to regulate the protection of personal data;

— Development of normative acts on the authorized body (including advocacy);

— Approval of requirements to security and protection of personal data when processing them in information systems of personal data (execution of which provides established levels of protection of personal data);

— Establishment of rules of liability for violations of the procedure for collection, storage, processing, use, protection, transmission and distribution of information containing personal data;

— Conducting trainings in order to increase the capacity of representatives of law enforcement, supervisory bodies, judges, state bodies in the field of personal data protection;

— Organizing and conducting public discussions in order to involve civil society and representatives of state bodies in order to update problems with the protection of personal data.