Rating of the largest telecom operators in Central Asia according to “C-news.ru”


According to the Russian agency C-news.ru, the largest operators in the cellular and fixed-line communications market in Central Asia are Kazakh companies. In the ranking, where the assessment is carried out on the revenue for 2010-2011, the companies occupy the first three lines and have a rather large lead over the telecom operators of other countries.

Kyrgyz operators under Beeline and Megacom brands are located at 9 and 10 places, but in 2011 they switched places.

The commentary to the publication “The pace of development of the ICT market in Central Asia and Kazakhstan” states that the basic needs of enterprises in the region for communication services and information technologies are still far from saturation. The rapid dynamics of recent years suggests the result of the targeted efforts of governments to inform the economy and expand coverage. In the regional context, the model of informatization of these countries resembles the Russian one – the regions are more or less on the same level in terms of IT development, while the capitals are clearly distinguished from them.

The distribution of the largest telecommunications companies in Central Asia essentially reflects the size of the GDP of the countries they represent. At the same time, the most important group of players is the governments of these countries, which control the local fixed-line monopolists.

In addition, the table on regulators of the communications market shows that there are regulators of the communications market only in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. In Kyrgyzstan, the State Communications Agency, which is part of the Government, and in Tajikistan, the State Service for Supervision and Regulation in Communications and Informatization, which reports to the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Tajikistan.

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