Kyrgyzstan is preparing a national action plan for open data


Kyrgyzstan is preparing a national action plan based on open data. This was reported by Advisor to Prime Minister Gulnura Toraliyev.

“According to the procedure, all countries that have joined should submit a work plan in 4 directions. Kyrgyzstan has chosen the following areas: open data, transparent government procurement, affordable and efficient public services, and transparency of the mining sector. We have now started working on a large component, it is called Discovery data. We developed an action plan and selected 12 pilot ministries where the data will be opened, ”she explained.

Kyrgyzstan joined the initiative in November 2017.

“Map data, statistical information, budget, demographic information, etc. are considered the most important data. That is, the data that helps businesses develop their applications. For example, in Russia, business used data on public transport. And thanks to this, during the year, the economic effect amounted to 58 billion rubles, – she added.

Advisor to the Prime Minister expects a significant economic effect from the implementation of the initiative.

“This is a job that benefits all stakeholders. First of all, to the state, which by means of transparency reduces the level of corruption. Further, the business can examine the situation in detail before investing. Civil society actively uses open data for public control and openness. Citizens benefit from living in an open state where applications can be used to make their lives easier, ”she said.

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