Mobile wallets joined to the solution of state tasks


Kyrgyzstan has a fast and efficient way to transform the economy into an electronic format. This solution was mobile wallets, which launched mobile operators in the country. In just three months, over 100 thousand people started using their wallets. The turnover of payments on them is already 1.2 million soms per day. And this is just the beginning.

Cellular companies of the Kyrgyz Republic launched their own mobile wallets almost simultaneously several months ago. MegaCom has appeared MegaPay, Beeline has Balance, mobile operator O! has “O! Money”.

A mobile wallet is an application for any phone that allows you to make a large number of payments: pay utility bills, movie tickets, taxi services, money for charity.

You can replenish the wallet on your mobile phone in various ways. The easiest of them is to transfer money from the balance of the phone. This opportunity to replenish wallets is the most convenient and accessible to all residents of Kyrgyzstan. Now the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic intends to impose a ban on replenishing mobile wallets from the balance, but most experts oppose this, and they are ready to push the regulator to cancel this initiative.

You can also transfer money to your mobile wallet through payment terminals or link your bank card to your wallet, if you have one. Access to the wallet is securely protected by authorization: a password or a fingerprint.

“Creating a mobile wallet is an example of a bottom-up initiative. While government agencies are discussing, the business very quickly decided on how profitable it is and how to do it. For us, experts and analysts who are translating what is happening in this sector into legal language, this is a very interesting topic, ” – said Irina Baykulova, deputy director of the Public Foundation Civil Initiative Internet Policy.

Literally in three months business made it so that a completely non-digital business suddenly found itself in demand in the most unexpected areas. Indeed, when a child asks to go to the cinema, and you do not physically have time to buy tickets, you can book and purchase them through a mobile wallet.

Or, for example, transparent payment for taxi companies, which the Tax Service has long sought. And here, please, mobile operators offer to make it easy and simple. This effect will be even stronger if more and more people use a mobile wallet.

According to the expert, “if there is a development, even more interesting things will appear. And it is worth noting that in other countries innovative hubs and various sandboxes are specially created for this. The state spends a lot of resources on this.

Cellular operators are in favor of introducing digital innovations. Accordingly, the ban on e-wallets looks unreasonable.

Synergy should be. Operators are ready to fulfill all the conditions set forth by the National Bank. Open a separate LLC – please register a separate wallet – please deposit the amount of funds – please. This once again underlines the high responsibility of cellular operators and their responsibility to the consumer.

”These are the very things that allow you to track sales, tax deductions. When officials break their heads and think about how to implement it, the business answers these questions and involves completely unconventional sectors of the economy in numbers.

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