Review of Kyrgyz legislation in the field of information security


Taking into account the active development of information and communication technologies and the growing use of the Internet, the need to ensure security in the information environment and protect the information infrastructure, which requires a wide range of measures in the field of communication networks and their information security, and the fight against cyber crime, becomes especially acute.

Rapid response and effective countering of cybercrime requires the creation of special units in law enforcement agencies and the development of a network of response centers for computer incidents and the organization of their interaction with these units.

Until 2001, the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic did not define the concept of security, and only with the adoption of the National Security Concept of the Kyrgyz Republic did the normative definition of this concept appear.

CIIP has prepared an overview of the legislation of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan in the field of information security. This review contains the following topics:

Part 1: Overview
Part 2: Personal data, personal and family secrets
Part 3: State Secrets
Part 4: Trade Secret
Part 5: Other Types of Secrets
Part 6: Cryptography and technical protection of information
Part 7: Electronic Intelligence
Part 8: Fighting Cybercrime

Full review can be downloaded here.

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