Evaluation of the Internet environment in the Kyrgyz Republic


The Internet Society presented a report on the development of the Internet in Central Asia. The purpose of the report is to be willing to participate in the implementation of measures for the development of the Internet in the Kyrgyz Republic by providing the results of the analysis of the existing Internet environment and offering recommendations for strengthening the local Internet ecosystem. This report can serve as background information for regional discussions on the development of Internet infrastructure, which will contribute to economic and social success throughout Central Asia. This report focuses on key opportunities and potential barriers to the development of the Internet (both from the supply side and the demand side), determined from a study of recent successes in developing the Internet infrastructure and creating local content.

The representatives of the Internet Society also highlighted in the report the selected policy and regulatory issues that were decisive in a global context in creating and providing an environment for the development of the Internet. The report provides links to key indicators related to information technology and communications (Information and Communication Technology, ICT), as well as global criteria and best practices for supporting analysis and our recommendations.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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