Internet Governance


The Public Foundation “CIIP” promotes the practice of an open, transparent and inclusive approach to Internet governance issues involving freedom of expression, respect for privacy, universal access and technical compatibility.

We conduct advocacy campaigns to ensure that public authorities, the private sector, civil society, within their authority, apply generally recognized international principles, norms, rules and procedures governing the development and use of the Internet.

The issue of Internet governance is the key and main direction of the organization. CIIP recognizes the potential of the Internet in promoting sustainable human development and the creation of inclusive knowledge societies, as well as in ensuring a free flow of information and ideas around the world.

For this purpose, the organization conducts the following activities:

  • Central Asian Forum on Internet Governance – CAIGF. This annual forum allows international institutions, governments, Internet professionals, business people and civil society organizations on an equal footing to research the development of the Internet and its interaction with other areas of public policy;
  • Advocacy campaign on the development of legislation in the field of Internet regulation, access to information, e-governance, open data, cybersecurity, personal data protection, information security, telecommunications, digital broadcasting, copyright;
  • Kyrgyzstan Forum on Information Technologies – KIT-forum. Over the years, the forum has become a real platform for discussing the problems and prospects for the development of ICT and the Internet industry in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Trainings for interested state bodies and non-governmental organizations for the protection of digital rights – Digital Rights School;
  • Various studies on Internet access, the development of telecommunications, open data, the values ​​of Internet users, Internet access security and others;
  • In order to develop creative potential for adapting existing and creating new technologies, CIIP implements organizational and technical projects (Politmer, Hakaton, promotion of free and open source software (FOSS), Internet access centers, project to promote open licenses – Creative Commons (CC);
  • Actively cooperates with international organizations – ICANN, the Internet Society and the RCC, in the issues of development of the Internet and the development of the digital society;
  • In addition, CIIP supports the development and operation of professional associations such as the Association of Telecom Operators (ATO), the Kyrgyz Software and Services Developer’s Association (KSSDA), the High Technology Park (HTP).