Digital Rights School


The Digital Rights School is a seminar on legal regulation in the digital age organized by the Public Fund “Civil Initiative on Internet Policy”.

The objective of the seminar is to explain in simple and understandable language such things as electronic signature, identification, authorization, electronic document, electronic document governance, e-governance and public services, state information resources and systems, personal data, confidential information and others.

Digital Rights School is held since October 2015. The target audience of the School is representatives of state bodies, higher educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and private lawyers. The program of the seminar is designed according to the modern trends in the legal regulation of the use of information technologies. It is constantly being improved taking into account the wishes and needs of our listeners. Speakers at the seminars are international experts and practicing lawyers, dealing with regulation in the field of telecommunications and the Internet, cybersecurity and open access to information on Internet.

The Digital Rights School fully reflects the modern era, being mobile and ubiquitous. We planning to expand the geography of the school and its programs: in the near future we are going to cover new countries and new topics related to electronic governance and the digital economy. If you want to become a listener of the digital rights school or are interested in topics of the school, please contact us.


Model program of Digital Rights School