Central Asia Security Forum

Central Asia Security Forum

The Central Asia Security Forum: “Countering Extremism Online”

The main objective for the Central Asia Security Forum is to promote the development of strategies aimed at preventing violent extremism in Central Asia that are evidence-based, proportional, and avoid a negative impact on economic opportunities, development, and human rights, or that risk promoting violent opposition.

The key topics of the forum are:

  • Assessing the role/ significance of the Internet as a driver of violent extremism in Central Asia (relative to other drivers of radicalization);
  • Identifying knowledge and data gaps necessary to formulating a policy response to extremist use of the Internet;
  • Best practices and approaches to combating and mitigating the impact and effectiveness of online propaganda and the role of the private sector;
  • Policy and programmatic entry points – coordinated national PVE strategies consistent with development priorities and international norms and instruments.

The forum contributes in an active exchange of experience between regional and international practitioners engaged in CVE and PVE from Europe, North America, the Russian Federation and Central Asia; operators of the social media platforms including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Odnoklassniki and VK; and other private-sector companies involved in tracking and investigating online VE use of the Internet (GroupIB, SecDev, Kasperski, DialogNauka).

More detailed information is available at the forum’s website.