Central Asian Digital Economy Forum 

According to the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), every second inhabitant of the Earth is connected to the Internet and in the next 20 years up to 50% of the world’s business operations can be automated. This shows that the digital revolution is inevitable, through changing the established way of life around the world and offering digital dividends, economic opportunities unavailable to the traditional economy.

The Central Asian region is taking the first steps to adapt to digital global trends. The Digital Central Asia will emerge with a change in the existing vector of the ICT development.

The Central Asian Digital Economy Forum aims to create an opportunity for coordinating efforts of the business sector and the expert community of the region for harnessing the full capacity of digital technologies in and the introduction of advanced technologies to business.

The forum will become one of the tools to overcome geographical, economic and other barriers to the digital transformation of business.

The Forum’s objectives are:

  • Finding approaches to the methodology of the assessment readiness of the Central Asian states to the digital economy and global trends, with consideration of the region’s characteristics;
  • Establishing the importance of the data industry for business development and global trends of the digital economy;
  • Digital dividends during the transformation;
  • The role of the social sector in transformation;
  • Serve as a bridge for interactions between local and foreign business representatives to share and gain useful experience and partnership for development.
  • Determine the digital economy capacities for the industrial (traditional) economy;
  • promote a dialogue on the effective use of social media for the development of data industry, meetings industry, digital education;
  • Identify the main stages of strategic planning and identify gaps in legislation;
  • Coordinate efforts of the transformation stakeholders that constantly requires new ways of thinking, new rules, new partners and a high readiness to actively participate in changes.

The first CADEF will be held on September 26-27, 2019. For more detailed information please visit the event’s website.

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